Land Sales, Acquisitions, & Buyer Representation

A&M Forest Consultants has been helping buyers and sellers meet their investment goals since 1978, and we're consistently a top producer of land and timber sales in our service area.  We list and sell land across Alabama and Mississippi using an intensive marketing campaign and the network of industry contacts we've developed over our fifty combined years of experience.

A&M has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to locate and sell all types of rural real estate investments, including timberland, recreational properties, waterfront properties, agricultural properties, and transitional land.

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1031 Exchanges

Many of our sales involve buyers or sellers utilizing a 1031 exchange (IRC code 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange). A 1031 exchange is a great tool that allows investors to defer their capital gains liability by reinvesting their profits into “like kind” real estate.  At A&M, we are knowledgeable in the multiple methods of using this great tool and can assist you in buying and selling through a 1031 exchange, as well as recommend real estate attorneys and qualified intermediaries experienced in all forms of 1031 exchanges.

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Forest Management

A&M manages 30,000 +/- acres of privately owned timberland each year, and we realize that management goals vary from landowner to landowner.  Common goals are investment return, recreation, wildlife management, or a combination of each. Whatever your goal may be, A&M can help.  One of our qualified staff will be glad to meet you for a cursory inspection of your property to offer proven forest management methods that will achieve your goals.

Timber Sales

Representing private landowners, A&M handles millions of dollars in timber sales each year.  A&M is always on top of current and emerging markets affecting the values of their clients' timber products.  No matter how a landowner chooses to manage or sell their timber, A&M always ensures that the landowner's interests and property are protected.

The most common types of timber sales are:

  • Sealed bid timber sales: The timber is cruised and appraised according to the manner in which the landowner would like it harvested, then potential timber buyers are notified of the bid sale.  A minimum bid is generally set prior to potential timber buyers being notified of the sale.
  • Per unit timber sales: The timber is shown by A&M to all interested buyers and negotiated in a manner that achieves the landowner's goals.  Successful buyers are monitored by A&M to be sure all contracted obligations are met.

Timber sales performed by A&M are monitored on site, audited during the harvest, and once the harvest is completed, applicable site clean-up and road repair is performed timely.

Timber Appraisals

A&M can inventory and appraise your timber. If you are planning on selling timber, a current appraisal is a must to insure the highest dollar return. Timber appraisals are also needed for accurate depletion purposes and estate planning.

Site Preparation & Reforestation

The quality and the volume of timber a property produces over its lifetime (commonly referred to as its “rotation”) depends heavily on how the site is prepared and stocked. When the time comes to reforest your property, A&M will be there to supervise the vendors to insure professional and competent work.

A&M has long-standing relationships with:

  • Chemical site preparation and release vendors
  • Mechanical site preparation vendors
  • Machine and hand planting vendors

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